What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Training is an active observation and training of the neural networks of our brain.

The primary prerequisite for any change we want to undertake in life is the ability to focus and manage our attention.

Mindfulness Training makes us proactive and better at responding rather than reacting to our experiences in everyday life. It is a simple way of becoming present in every moment to face circumstances openly and directly.

The proven benefits of Mindfulness Training are vast: greatly enhanced focus and concentration, a general improvement in overall health, less stress, anger and mood disturbances, freedom from our habitual thought patterns, increased empathy and kindness, and greatly increased general happiness. All of this from just one method.

Scientific research shows the benefits of mindfulness training in improving focus, clarity, effectiveness, productivity, physical health, relationships, cognitive functioning, enhanced work performance, decreased absenteeism – not to mention peace of mind.

Our highly trained mindfulness teachers facilitate mindfulness reteats, mindfulness days, as well as programs in Perth, Western Australia.