Corporate Mindfulness Training

Would you like to optimize your work performance with clarity, focus and effectiveness?

Michael and Dania Percy have a mindfulness and scientific background. Michael with over 20 years of mindfulness training experience, including 15 years intensive training as well as teaching under the guidance of world famous Ajahn Brahm. Dania Percy has training in neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness meditation. They can lead you through a corporate mindfulness training program or give a once off training workshop which will help bring focus, clarity and effectiveness to your workplace.

Michael has been certified as a senior trainer with The Potential Project – the global gold standard in Corporate Based Mindfulness Training – for more details email:


20150528_083624 If you are looking for a guest speaker on mindfulness, look no further than Dania and Michael Percy. They came to Bankwest and presented to 150 colleagues on the challenges we often face as humans and our minds and the importance of mindfulness both in and outside work. Let’s just say everyone was blown away, and we wish had more time with them! As soon as they started, everyone in the room was immersed in hearing the wealth of knowledge and insight they both had to share. Their calming, engaging and positive demeanour, instantly made the room feel warm and safe for people to open up and be receptive to experiencing the benefits of mindfulness. My colleagues and I are huge advocates for this power husband and wife duo and would recommend them to others without any hesitation.- Natalie Thomas, Organisational Change Manager, Bankwest


20150528_083624 Dear Mike and Dania,
Hope all has been well
Thank you very much for your involvement in my company’s retreat in Bintan last year
Many of my guys came to thank me for organizing this short but meaningful mental wellness session during the retreat. I was also pleasantly surprised that the room was quiet and fully attentive during the short sessions over the 2 days.
My company was in a stage of rapid growth over the last 3 years. Whilst financial results were shooting through the roof, I was concerned about the well-being – both mental and physical – of my colleagues
What you guys have taught provided those who were present the knowledge on how to start meditating and improving their psychological well-being. You taught them the Why, What, and the How
I hope that my colleagues will continue to put into practise what they have learnt.
Keep Calm, Meditate, Stay and Carry On.- Arthur Chua, CEO of Goldbell Group, Singapore


These major companies, among many other multinational organizations  have integrated mindfulness into their workplace:


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