Rachel Farley

Thank you so much for coming in to run a meditation session a few weeks ago.   I always knew it was something I need to include in my life much more regularly and your session further reinforced that feeling to me.  I also thoroughly enjoyed your style of mediation and found it to be particularly relaxing; I found it very easy to enter the deeper relaxation state very quickly during the session – something I don’t always achieve in the 20 minutes at the end of my yoga classes!  I was full of energy for the rest of the day and found my thoughts clearer, more focused and calmer all day.


I thought your presentation on the scientific research into the benefits of mediation was very interesting and it was great to hear about the wealth of research that has now been conducted in this field.  Long may it continue.  I’m sure many other corporate groups that book your presentation will be very pleasantly surprised to hear about the scientific research and the positive impact it can have on their workforce and I hope it will add extra emphasis to the importance of mediation and mindfulness in this ever more confusing and face-paced world.


I really hope that I will be attend another of your mediation sessions soon and I will be sure to sign up to your Facebook group to receive more information.