Jenny Stone

It was so amazing to have two full days of such serenity! The retreat experience was everything I hoped for. Simple but comfortable rooms, nourishing food, gorgeous, peaceful bush all around and absolutely no other distractions. I found the silence to be a revelation, it was a time to finally breath, and to listen quietly, to just be for once. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, completely free of any obligations or distractions. The pace of the schedule was perfect and Dania and Michael were wise and sensitive hosts. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to take time away from my life and get some perspective. It’s hard for me to meditate at home, but the retreat really helped to get my focus back and overcome a couple of issues I’d been struggling with. What I learned about myself in the silence of this weekend will have a lasting impact. Thank you so much Dania and Mike for providing this opportunity. What you are doing at Jhana Grove is amazingly important and valuable.