Mindfulness Meditation Retreats


During your retreat you will learn lifelong skills, mindfulness meditation techniques and mental strategies to go beyond negative mind states and to cultivate focus, clarity, emotional balance and relaxation. Our retreats are especially for those seeking more fulfillment and meaning in life, or looking for ways to improve and grow their relationships.

Our retreats will help you develop focus, manage stress and develop your mind to an optimal state, improving work, business and financial performance. People who suffer the grief and loss of a loved one will learn to cultivate inner wellbeing, assisting the healing process.

It is also for those seeking to improve their physical health, slow down the ageing process and help reduce the harmful effects of degenerative disease.  We include some scientific frameworks to show exactly HOW meditation works to change your brain, moods, emotions and overall health in a positive way. We are passionate about nutrition – and aim to offer the most nutritious foods, to support your mindfulness practice & health. As many people have shared with us – our retreats can be a positively life changing experience.

Bookings are now open with multiple options – either the full weekend or individual days – Sat March 25th &/or Sun March 26th.

Book here -> https://form.jotform.com/70041176266249

Please fill out asap to facilitate planning and to reward taking action we will send guided meditations and 2 ebooks to help with mindfulness practice for those booked within 48 hrs :)

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Also we encourage you to bring a new friend who hasn’t tried meditation or such a focused retreat away from daily distractions – so we are offering a large discount special for 2 people booking together. Do you have a friend or family who is interested to try? It can perhaps be a birthday or ‘just because’ gift? :)

We have been going back and forth a lot and finding a suitable venue as we wanted to find a location closer to the city yet still surrounded by peaceful nature.

We are excited to share with you a new venue in Mount Claremont surrounded by peaceful national park and close to the ocean – Wollaston Conference Centre. We are trying a new structure for this retreat where you can go home for the night. This idea sprang as many have young children or pets and other responsibilities which makes it challenging for overnight stay.

Having a focused and intense 1 day or 2 day practice will still allow our mental batteries to recharge and sink into some blissful peace and serenity.

The retreat will still be held in silence to make best use of our time together and gain wisdom about ourselves and how our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are interlinked. We will also delve deeper into our practice of finding true inner freedom :)

Registration is at 9am. Day starts at 9.30am lunch is at 1pm and the day ends at 5pm. Morning snack, lunch plus tea and coffee throughout the day are provided. All meals are vegetarian.

9:30am-11am session

11-11:30 mindful break, morning snack

11:30-1pm session

1-2pm lunch break

2-5pm session (with a short break in between)

Sessions will include guided meditations, presentations on mindfulness and emotional balance, Qi Gong, and one Yoga session each day (likely mid afternoon).

We encourage the day to be held in silence, including during lunch and breaks to make sure you get the most of your day and enjoy the present moment.

CLICK HERE NOW to book and receive your free gifts –https://form.jotform.com/70041176266249

We offer a 5% discount for payments made with Bitcoin

We offer a 10% discount for payments made with Bitcoin

Questions?  Email: info@mdpwellness.com or call us on skype: mdpwellness

“Going to retreat was truly inspiring. I had no idea how off-balance I was prior to the retreat. It was a massive reality check for me and helped me to find my centre and give direction for even more development. This is a significant turning point in my life.” Alex

“This is the best retreat I have ever been to, so relaxing and lots of great information. Thank you to everyone who put this together. Loved every minute.” Gyda Armannsson

“I cannot possibly recommend these retreats enough for the balancing and caring for your mind, body and soul. The meditations were a pleasant surprise – funny and caring – in 2 days I feel lighter, have more love, and at peace with myself and the universe. Dania and Mike are the most welcoming of hosts and the food is outstanding, accommodation beyond expectations – thank you guys!”  Sarah Johnson


Meditation Perth

  • Healthy delicious & fulfilling vegetarian meals each day (we cater for vegan & gluten free as well)
  • Registration is for full duration of retreat
  • Retreats are open to all: from beginners to experienced

Why a retreat setting?

When you live your life day to day, on auto-pilot, it’s easy to forget about the bigger picture and what your true purpose is.  Getting away from the usual triggers and habits of daily life into a weekend silent retreat is a special opportunity to develop awareness and cultivation of the inner space – giving rise to more peacefulness, freedom and clarity of mind.

What to expect

You will learn new mindfulness meditation techniques & skills.   The schedule includes many guided meditations to help you become centered & calm.  We encourage a “path with heart” – showing how constructive emotions and intentions like loving-kindness, gratitude, compassion and joy have profound benefits – for your mind, body and relationships.

Retreats are held in silence – although some of the presentations will be interactive – where you can ask questions and engage in mindful, mutually beneficial speech. You may take walks in the beautiful, natural surrounds and enjoy peace or rest either in spacious main hall or outside. There are two optional yoga classes over the weekend – for all levels.

All meals are healthy, nourishing, low-GI, and vegetarian/vegan – coffee & tea are always available. Our aim is to give you the most comfortable, health-ful, relaxing, enjoyable and peaceful experience possible.

The proven benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation are many – improving physical health, decelerating the aging process, enhanced ability to deal with stress, improved relationships, productivity, decision making, focus, and creativity. Please read our testimonials page to hear of all those who have experienced the benefits of our retreats.


We offer a 5% discount for payments made with Bitcoin

We offer a 10% discount for payments made with Bitcoin


“I enjoyed everything at the retreat, time to rest, time to be silent, time to just be. I felt nurtured by delicious meals and very kind and caring facilitators. Thank you Dania and Michael you are doing a wonderful job and I will see you again.” Bettina Gould

“I had the most incredible weekend and thank you very much for your incredible hospitality. Thank you for providing a nurturing environment in which to learn and develop in the area of meditation. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. I loved every minute and will be back again. It’s a perfect way to de-stress and unwind from a stressful job.” Olivia Main

“I came here on Friday very wound up and distracted. Today I feel centered and connected. Thank you for creating such a beautiful experience and environment with healthy food to come & be nourished by.” Kathleen Curran

“This retreat has taught me to start living my life and stop worrying about what might effect my life.” Karen Hayes

“Every now and then you make a decision that has a wonderfully positive impact on your life. Deciding to come on the retreat was one of these decisions. Thank you Dania and Michael for sharing your knowledge in such a passionate and caring manner.” Jill S.

“Thank you Dania and Michael for sharing your time an knowledge – what you do is truly a gift. May all you give out, come back to you in turn. Your retreats are truly inspiring. Thank you for doing what you do! If everyone did this course, the world would be a better place- highly beneficial! M.T.

“This retreat has set me on the journey of the rest of my life, with a calm, patient, loving feeling towards who I may become. Thank you Dania and Michael” – Margaret Neville