Speaking on Stage – Inspiring Insights & Transformational Words

We are happy to speak to your audience on the following subjects:

– The benefits of mindfulness meditation, and how to integrate this timeless practice into your work life
– Empirically based guidance to assist in your cultivation of heart and mind towards happiness and freedom.
– An empirically based approach that reveals mind is not the brain.
– The Placebo effect and how beliefs can affect our physical health and body.
– How to rewire our brain and train our mind into happiness
– The psychology of love, and insights into marriage and romantic relationships
– Do we have Free Will? A neuroscience perspective
– A mindfulness based approach to stress and emotional regulation
– Regulating craving and addictions
– Boosting positive emotions and joy in life.
– How to overcome anger
– Scientific perspective on the nature of existence and consciousness.
Teaching at corporate management retreat in Bintan May 2015

Teaching at corporate management retreat in Bintan May 2015


Mindfulness Brain Science MDP Wellness

Free Humanity Event Perth, March 15, 2015


Mindfulness Brain Science Meditation Perth Buddhist

Dania & Michael presenting at the Buddhist Society of Western Australia on neuroscience, mindfulness and positive emotions September 2014.

 “Thank you for the awesome talk last night.” Ben Peters

“Thanks again, I had no idea you guys existed – and I am so glad you turned up at Nollamarra with such interesting talks!” Carol Irvin

“Loved your talk,” Karen Malcom

“Just wanted to say thanks for the presentation last night, really enjoyed it and lucky the centre is there and is open to hosting different speakers.  So cool. “ Liam

 “Thank you for sharing your knowledge and interesting insights on FridayI really enjoyed the talk.” Anne Becker

 “Thank you for the awesome talk last night. I found it particularly interesting and useful.  Great job guys”. Ben

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Wellness Day June 2014

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ATO:  July 2014, Mindfulness Workshop (Australian Tax Office)

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Bowra O’Dea: June 2014 at Bowra O’Dea Mindfulness training sessions


Michael Percy speaking at the Ajahn Brahm Gala at Hyatt Regency, Perth, August 2014

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Michael Percy presentation during weekend retreat August 2014

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Michael teaching at Australian Tax Office Perth


 Michael Percy facilitating a guided meditation at Solomon’s Cafe


Mike speaking at annual conference for Department of Child Protection and Family Services, Perth

Dania Percy Mindfulness Presentation

 Dania presenting at Weekend Retreat on mindfulness, relaxation and neurobiology

Mike Mindfulness at Work JG 1

 Michael Percy presenting on Mindfulness at Work

Mike Presenting Mindfulness at School

 Creaney Education Support Centre for students with Special Needs


Michael teaching corporate  mindfulness at Vorian Agency, West Perth

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At Bodhi Tree Bookstore and Cafe – Presentation on “Understanding the brain to boost your happiness”