“Great experience, it was my first time at a retreat and a s beginner I gained a lot of knowledge and skills around meditation. Beautiful location and amazing food. I will be back with family and friends.”– Marie Slattery

“I definitely enjoyed the weekend retreat and would recommend it. I felt comfortable in the supportive environment. I was able to meditate very well as the atmosphere was peaceful and calm.” -Shuttle Dattani

“A lovely relaxing weekend with the much added bonus of a whole set of new skills for health and wellbeing.” -Jo Ryan

“Thank you to Dania and Michael for creating such a warm and welcoming retreat. The accommodation is spotless and proves all you need. the food was outstanding. The setting is so peaceful and relaxing. The programme has a nice balance of sessions and down time.” – Sarah Van VLodrop

“This weekend retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The food was delicious, the retreat setting was so beautiful and the guided meditation create a state of peace within me. Thank you so much.” – Briana Wingfield

“It was the first time going on a retreat and I would always do it again. So good to just be, focus, clear my mind and start making changes in my thinking.” – Nicole Kauldjer

“If you want to move on with your life and halve behind old habits, then this is the best gifts step you could ever take” – Fiona

“Thank you for a life changing weekend. I felt like I was in heaven and so relaxed.” – Faye Stewart

“The weekend retreat is so relevant and user friendly. Excellent educating but in layman’s terms. So very grateful. Dania’s sessions were excellent, beyond measure, so giving, so much quality and learning. Thank you. Michael’s sessions were excellent too. Dania and Michael provide a good balance.” – Shirley Wynne.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat it was very relaxing. I was a bit hesitant about going away and meditating for the whole weekend, I wasn’t sure if i could do it. However Dania and Mike presented a really well organised retreat and I am inspired to continue meditating for my life.

The retreat was so wonderful, I have come back with a much clearer and calmer mind. I have begun using some of the tools you taught during the week and I am looking forward to continue with this and share my experience with my loved ones. The weekend really warmed my heart.” –  Tanya Bose

“This weekend is very important for physical and mental wellbeing. A sense of space is created away from the busy world. It is quiet, value, in a beautiful setting and Michael and Dania are splendid facilitators. Thank you.” – Donna Gahan.

“Thanks to Dania and Mike. I came to the retreat feeling quite hesitant but felt so welcomed throughout my time here and feel this weekend has been so beneficial. I will definitely continue with both meditation and yoga in my day to day life. Thanks again” – Amber McClintock

“Amazing time spent to rethink my life and develop a sense of happiness. I have appreciated that it wasn’t related to any dogma or religion. I will come back. It is a great treat for myself.” – Marie-Helen Marsolais

“Dania and Mike provide an excellent retreat for both mind and body. IT’s for everybody, regardless of background, religion or mediation experience.” – Sandy Bajkowski

“A fabulous weekend- thoroughly enjoyed the silence for two days. Thought i might find ‘it difficult’ but just loved it. Had time to assimilate everything we had learned during the day. Love your energy and enthusiasm Dania. Enjoyed Mike’s wisdom and so energy.” – Helen Bunce

“My marriage recently ended. I was smocked, angry, sad, confused- and lost. For the first time in twenty years i was on my own, with seemingly no future or respect of happiness.
Using the tools and practices I have learnt over the weekend- my future is bright! I feel nourished and filled with hope, love, joy and peace. Thank you – what you have created and what you teach is powerful and life changing.” – Amanda Brazier

“I was unsure and anxious coming into it but have come out the others with a greater knowing self and being able to centre myself” – Dani

“I have enjoyed my own company this weekend which has been a pleasant surprise! I’m looking forward to achieving more stillness, clarity and peace in my life!” – Rachel White

“HI Dania,

Thank you for another wonderful weekend retreat. I have been very sick this year as a result of extreme stress in my life and in the lives of those around me. I feel refreshed, inspired and very calm and harmonious. I only wish I could manage to fit in a weekend a month to keep refreshing and concreting what I learn over the weekend. With what I learn’t over the weekend I am determined to take so much more time for me and for a life that I love, rather than one where I survive.

I took my Mum this year and she got so much out of it also. She particularly loved your loving kindness meditation and has learn’t many new skills that she intends to use to redirect her life and wellbeing.

Thanks again to you and Michael and all the other lovely people that I shared the weekend with.” – Karen Hayes

“Dania and Michael radiated happiness. They are teachers who are inspiring and genuinely care for you. Great blend of meditation practice and intellectual presentations and discussions. I’ve attended retreats before, but Dania & Michael have taken it to the next level of offering support. Thank you”– Ruwani GIlmor

“The retreat was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, with lots of informative talks, guidance on how to meditate, yoga classes & plenty of free time to meditate, go for walks and enjoy the freedom from talking and daily pressures.”– Serena

“I came to the retreat on the suggestion of friends and was unfamiliar with the practice of meditation. I have found the experience enlightening and look forward to continuing the practice and learning”– Rori Green

“A huge thank you again to Dania & Mike for an insightful, relaxing and most enjoyable weekend. With great knowledge and harmony from you both” – Jane Pearsons

“The silence was beautiful, allowing my mind to reduce its chattering so I could feel my heart. Felt supported ,nourished,and held by the group experience and presentations. Pivotal for key decision-making right now and lifestyle choices to create a better future.”Gina Knight

“Going to retreat was trulyinspiring. I had no idea how off-balance I was prior to the retreat. It was amassive reality check for me and helped me to find my centreand give direction for even more development. This is a significant turningpoint in my life.” Alex

“Thank you Mike and Dania for thewonderful retreat. Your well and kind intentiontouches me. The silence, calm and peaceful environment really helps me and my husband. With love, Shanon

“I intend on making a regular attendance here as part of my own self care routine. I would recommend this return to the simple and natural. thank you for providing a beautiful retreat. Melanie M’Alor

“On retreat I learned so much about meditation and what it means to enjoy my own company with no need for technology. Dania has a very open accepting attitude towards all at the retreat. Mike is softly and intellectually spoken. He shows a great knowledge of what it means to be at peace. Gabriella Jordan

An extremely relaxing weekend – just what the Dr ordered. Much food for thought was presented. Betsy Bush

I would definitely return to do another retreat. Benefits are felt immediately after Friday nights meditation. Julie

“A great place to come to unwind and relax and be amongst like minded people. Dania and Michael are lovely, warm and caring and genuine people. Very uplifting and inspiring. Lovely voice (very calming in mediations).  – Shelley Harvey
“An opportunity to step off the treadmill of life, to treasure the moment. The meditation sessions were excellent. Both Dania and Michael are extremely knowledgable. Deliver with great deal of warmth and care towards participants. It was a well run and present weekend. They exude the enthusiasm for what they do.  Carol Nevin
A very well worth retreat. Dania and Michael are an inspiration to all of how couples should relate and behave. The peace, harmony and happiness you both project is just beautiful.  Evonne Muller

“I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone feeling overwhelmed or stressed or to anyone wanting to explore meditation and mindfulness. It was so rejuvenating- the bush walks, the scenery is breathtaking. The talks are inspirational and the meditation are blissful. I enjoyed the yoga and the food is delicious too. I feel renewed and recharged. Thank you Dania & Mike-“– Jan Maiorana

“Going on this retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done! The volunteers are so compassionate, the location and company superb… What better way is there to spend a weekend?”– Sophia Robins

“A wonderful opportunity to give to myself, go within and to be in stillness in the most beautiful surroundings- nature at its best. A weekend filled with new learnings and practices that will be very useful in clarity of life. “– Lexi Lechner

“I really understood what the word silence means. It was great to calm the mind and meditate. It was a very unique experience coming on retreat.”– Lina

The weekend retreat guided me in a loving and mindfullness path and helped me to be back in touch with myself. It was one of the most peaceful, relaxing and kind experiences I’ve ever had.Strongly recommended for those that are feeling lost, stressed and with negative mind habits. It will defenitely boost up your life and your way of thinking.”- Raphaela Oliveira

“Dear Dania, First of all, I’ll like to give my thanks to both Michael and you for all that you gave to me, over the weekend I’m back in the rat race again but wiser from it, practicing to slow down and smell the roses and trying some meditation techniques.”- LC Ng

“I really enjoyed the retreat and I think you and Mike are doing a great job. I really appreciate your kindness, openness and generosity of spirit. I felt very comfortable and welcome from the moment I arrived and it’s greatly improved my state-of-mind.”- A Henson

I just would like to say a big THANK YOU for the amazing weekend retreat. I have learned so much. I especially loved the session on saturday morning when Dania talked about the case studies and how to be in the present moment. Mikes guided meditation, food and accommodation has also exceeded my expectations. My batteries are fully charged now and I am looking forward to attend many more retreats in the future. Kind Regards. “- Ben Herzog

“Can I say I love coming to the retreat..There’s this magical feeling that surrounds you when you first arrive which almost instantly transforms you into a calmer person. Its like a clensing process that allows you to be fully in tuned with yourself and enables you to think clearly; you become mindful of all others and you think your the only one who feels this magic but when you speak to others everyone feels exactly the same…. Calm…destressed…in tuned with themselves and others and all nature that surrounds you.I never like leaving as returning to ‘normal’ appears far to difficult to contemplate.I for one will return whenever I possibly can. The talks you and Mike gave were an added bonus to my last visit and added valuable guidance on my spiritual journey I am currently on. Thanks again  Dania and Mike”- Linda Hurst

“A really relaxing, cleansing, loving and peaceful experience.Great food and beautiful leaders.”- Hannah

“I can’t thank you and Michael enough for the most wonderful weekend; I left feeling like a new person. Almost all things you mentioned in that final closing talk I felt like I wanted to put my hand up.  That includes volunteering, being available to come and work on weekends when you need people to serve food and clean, and I would absolutely love to know more about the work you do in spreading mindfulness and meditation to both the corporate sector and those in the prisons also.  I would very much like to be involved where and when I can. Once again, a million thank you’s to you both for the incredible work you do.  I might not be in the best financial situation to donate but i’m in a position where I can donate time and sincere effort to spreading the cause.”- Sarah Johnson

“Thank you again for the lovely weekend and all the work you both put into the smooth
running of the retreat.You both really do create an environment that makes it easy to enjoy JG.”- Marion Weatherburn

“I just want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone involved, especially Dania and Michael,  for an amazing day of mindfulness in such a welcoming and accepting environment. I felt totally at ease, and there are no expectations apart from respecting each other.

I was a little apprehensive as a first timer to a retreat, especially silent,  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  However after the day, I don’t know what I was worried about. It was just Magical! I felt totally invigorated and relieved more tension in that one day than I could have ever hoped for.  I didn’t want to leave at the end of the day!I was at peace for the first time in a long time! I have also learnt some tools to use daily, that just seemed to make sense and will help me continue on this journey. I highly recommend this beautiful place, even for first timers or those a little sceptical!  It’s an amazing experience and I can’t wait to return (for a full weekend next time!) Thank you once again!”- Sarah Coutts

Thanks to you and Michael  for a wonderful day of rest and relaxation on the day retreat on Saturday 24/08/14.  I  found the sunshine and quietness so soothing after a chaotic work week!  Slept fantastically Saturday night when I arrived home and woke energised and ready to face the world againon Sunday.   I am still in a really positive space , and it is Tuesday already. “- Gayle

“HI Dania, Thankyou so much for the days retreat last weekend.  It was an amazing experience for me and I felt so very blissfully happy.  I have not spent an hour to just watch the clouds since I was in primary school and all those happy relaxed and care free feelings came flooding back.  I am so looking forward to a whole weekend of that! Please say thankyou to Michael also I am practising his breathing technique every day and finding it is really helping.  I think about the learnings from his slide a lot so thankyou for a copy of it to refresh my memory.  Also his food is delightful and I have been having similar sweets every night since as the combination of fresh and dried fruit with some yoghurt is so yummy!”- Karen Hayes

“Hello Lovely, it was so nice to meet you this morning, and experience such a beautiful meditation that set my day up perfectly, it was especially nice to experience the group meditation as i am so use to working one on one with clients or by myself :) Thank you agin, with the up coming retreat i have a show that weekend so i will not be able to teach or come along to the retreat. i would be very interested in the next one and also the next meditation at solomons as i would love to share it with friends and family.”-Caitlyn
“I recently attended a 2 day retreat at Jhana Grove. I was a bit apprehensive as I am not religious, and was concerned that I would not be a ‘good fit’ for the experience so to speak. I think it is normal to be apprehensive about doing anything new, but I needn’t have been. Dania and Mike were running the retreat, and they were excellent facilitators. they explained everything so thoroughly on the first night after dinner that all my concerns were dealt with there and then! I like to think I am an ‘empirical’ guy, and coming from an atheist and scientific background if Im honest I was concerned I would be met with a lot of ‘woo – woo’ type stuff if you know what I mean! I was therefore very pleasantly surprised to find that the mediations were placed in a very accessible, non denominational/essentially secular way, and the fact that Dania comes from a neuroscience background infused the talks and explanations of various techniques utilised with a validity and real world application which was very reassuring.
the grounds are absolutely stunning, and the whole quality of this purpose built retreat means that you really do feel like you are taking ‘time out time’ from your busy life, without having to go off to a cave up a mountain! An added bonus for me was the food, which was delicious. I am a lifelong carnivore, so therefore thoroughly enjoying a vegetarian diet for a weekend is not exactly a common occurence! You were requested to practise what is known as ‘noble silence’ the simple act of not engaging in communication with other people unless absolutley necessary. I thought this would be more of a struggle, as coming from an Irish background conversation is a given! However it was so insightful, and very very useful to help you focus more effectively on your inner world of thought. It also made me realise how much hot air we all produce, and just how ‘noisy’ the world is nowadays. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy you will find it to respect this aspect of the retreat. (like everything else on the retreat, it is not enforced in bootcamp fashion or anything, you just go with the flow and shut up all by yourself!)
There were a couple of yoga sessions that I also attended. I have been to yoga very occasionally before, but never really enjoyed it. In this context I started to see how much yoga and meditation complement each other, when placed in the right context. I just turned 31, and after a lifetime of gaelic, rugby, and throwing myself down mountains in various ways, I am stiff as a board! I can honestly say that being in a meditative frame of mind helped me to achieve (very basic) yoga poses that I couldn’t really even attempt before. Just being more in tune with the present moment and your helps you to improve flexibility – if you don’t really understand what I mean by that then you need to go on the retreat to find out!”- Dr Niall Campbell B.D.S. (QUB) M.F.D.S. (RCPSGlasg) Dip. Clin. Hyp. (ASH)